Tapping on a point doesn't load mark details


There are times where tapping on a point can result in the alert “Can’t load point info”.

The following screenshot is an example of this alert.


To date the most effective solution for this case is to delete and reinstall Benchmrk. You will then log back in and this issue should be resolved.


This issue seems to be caused by some cases that result in the map tiles loaded on your device are not refreshing correctly. The re-install of Benchmrk clears local files and forces the refresh of map tiles.

Long Term Solution

In the case of this issue presenting as a long term issue experienced by users, further functionality will be included in the app interface to overcome this case without re-installing the app.

I’ve received reports that suggest this issue may also be caused by a timeout issue. I’ll continue to investigate this and post findings here as they are qualified.

Some users have reported that a fresh install solves this issue that they have experienced, I’ve completed a review of the map data pipeline that serves and points to the map in Benchmrk and made some adjustments.

I will monitor the performance over the coming week or so and will share my findings. This will probably be followed by a user survey to verify experience when using Benchmrk in the field.

Monitoring of the impact of these changes over the past few days seems to be solving the issue users experienced.

If you experience this issue and are not able to solve it through the points discussed so far, please share your experience or contact support here

After reviewing all user feedback and the performance of Benchmrk we have isolated the cause of this issue.

We have developed a solution that solves the root cause of this issue. Once we have completed public testing of this update over a number of weeks we will release the update to all users.

This will be followed by a campaign to inform users of this update, be sure to make your team members aware of this too so they can update their installed apps once the update is released.