BLK2GO PULSE - Hexagon partners with Sony to enhance reality capture

Hexagon AB announced the latest update to the BLK2GO. The “BLK2GO PULSE”. There are limited details that I can see, I’ve not been able to find it listed anywhere on their website. Have you found any more details on this product?

  • Solid State Flash LiDAR
  • RGB Sensors
  • Smartphone app interface

From my initial observations there it seems they are wanting to get more people into mapping with this new hardware, it is yet to be seen what the price tag will be. My guess is a range of $20,000 to a premium of $85,000 a large margin but it all comes down to their modelling and how much their increasing SaaS model for products might subsidise their hardware. The more hardware they sell the more subscriptions there are to be charged after all.

source: Ted Moberg on LinkedIn: Up close look at the new BLK2GO Pulse. Stay tuned, more info to come.

source: Michal Gula on LinkedIn: #3d #hxgnliveglobal #technology #innovation | 54 comments

More details here Hexagon partners with Sony to enhance reality capture